About Brachioplasty

Arm Lift or Brachioplasty is a procedure to remove the excess fat and drooping skin from the arms. It is a surgical procedure to tone up the arms and help boost your confidence. It may commonly be done along with liposuction of the arms to give a nice overall reduction of the girth of the arm and good contour to the arm.

Indications:With increasing age some patients may notice that the skin of the arms has started loosing up and started drooping. Arm lift is indicated in these patients.Commonly after weight loss arms take up a deflated appearance with sagging all around the arm.

What to expect?

There are two types of procedures to take care of the skin excess – Vertical Technique & Horizontal Technique

  • The Horizontal Technique : Though apparently attractive, this technique has a lot of limitations and I do the procedure very rarely(Can be discussed in the consultation)
  • The Vertical Technique : This procedure involves a linear scar along the inner posterior aspect of the arm usually from the elbow to arm-pit. In some cases it may extend to the side of the chest wall

Post Operative Care

Bandages will remain for a week and a small tube (drain) will be in situ for a couple of days. You can join work in 7 days. The patient has to wear a compression sleeve for a period of 6 weeks to reduce the post- operative swelling.

Do not lift your arm above your head for the first 3 to 4 weeks as this will cause a stretch on the stitchesNo lifting of heavy weights or stretching to 3 to 4 weeks


Usually, the results are long-lasting. The aim is to give a well-toned thinner arms.
Some sagging is expected with increasing age.
The results are best maintained by maintaining a stable weight and healthy lifestyle.


It is a safe surgery with some minimal risks: Scarring asymmetry of the arms. Delayed Wound Healing, infection.
The Procedure may not be ideal for you if:
  • You are grossly overweight
  • Frequent fluctuations in your weight
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Medical co-morbidities